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Hey There

We hope to make your experience awesome, here are a few things we would like to draw to your attention when arriving to the Island.

The Island

getting to and moving about!

- We have a shuttle bus! It leaves Kingston taking you to the Island, and take you back after the show. Get your shuttle pass with your Ticket.

- Car pooling is encouraged to limit the impact on both the environment and the Island itself.​-We ask that every attempt be made to be respectful of our home by packing out what you pack in, parking in designated areas only and keep lanes and driveways clear for emergency vehicle access and egress. ​- Ferry fees are 8$ which includes access to the Island and return to Mainland. The ferry ride is approximately 10 minutes.​- access to the ferry is upon the discretion of the ferry operators and are subject to all the Laws, rules and regulations set forth by the MTO. This includes all laws under the Ministry Highway Traffic act and laws governing the consumption of alcohol.​- the ROCKIN THE ROCK site is located roughly 400 meters from the ferry dock and is an easy commute by foot should you choose to be foot traffic on the ferry and park in designated parking area on the mainland.​- No parking will be permitted on Pickett's lane. Pickett's lane is a single lane access road and will be kept clear.​- No Parking will be permitted on the premises aside from equipment vehicles.​- Limited mobility individuals will be assisted to and from site upon request. Please note the site is outdoors and sanitary facilities are rental units and may not be explicitly designed for limited mobility needs.​- All attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the event. ​- please refer to satellite map to see available designate parking areas.

the Howe Island Ferry
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