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My Son the Hurricane

My Son the Hurricane is a multi-horn, multi-drummer, multi-singer brass funk beast from Niagara, ON. The 12-piece brass-dance crew has toured over multiple countries and played some of Canada, USA and Europe’s biggest festivals. Over 45 sold out shows in 2022 proves that there is no live show like My Son the Hurricane. The band features trumpets, saxophones, trombones, drums, guitar, keys, percussion and a wild front woman…We dare you not to dance! In 2023, the band will take on an over 70 date Canada, United States and Europe-wide tour and share the stage with acts like Foo Fighters, Jason Isbell and Colin James.

The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a sextet based in Kingston, ON that has a massive and mighty sound – a propulsive and potent indie-rock-fusion with the live energy of an arena-rock band, the lyrical eloquence of Canada’s folk heroes, and the musical precision of a hardened touring outfit. Featuring driving guitars, lush vocal harmonies, soaring saxophones, and heavy synthesizers, the Wilderness bring their own diverse musical backgrounds to a shared experience that evokes a sense of community, camaraderie, and forward momentum.

Kris and Dee

Folk-pop duo from Kingston, ON, Canada. Kris Abbott from The Pursuit of Happiness & Dee McNeil of the Strap Ons. Married & making music since 2005. “Kris + Dee are known for their honest, powerful, poetic songs that are equally as personal as they are universal. Described as ‘Springsteen-esque’ and the ‘Super Folk duo of our riot grrrl dreams’, they are trusted voices for the working class and academics, Millennials and Boomers, gendered and genderless, and everyone in between.”

Tiny Horse

Sometimes two plus two equals three. That’s the case with Kingston’s Ciara Roberts and Rae Corcoran. Talented and established songwriters and performing artists in their own right, the pair have come together with a new musical project, Tiny Horse. And the resulting musical sum is larger than the name implies. On a sunny September afternoon, they met with podcast hosts Riley and Reid in Kingston’s Skeleton Park to share all that’s inspired Tiny Horse, along with one of new duo’s newly crafted songs.

Reckless & Banded

Kingston-based duo of Ryan Gollogly and partner Beatrice Keeler have been playing live music in Kingston regularly since Gollogly’s alt-folk act, Goldwing, was put on hiatus following the tragic death of the group’s bassist Matt “Jeebs” Simpson in 2020. Ryan and Bea’s voices flawlessly intertwine, weaving a soundscape that requires no accompaniment, Reckless and Banded are presented as a full band with notable sit ins as Chris Jackson on Drums and Winston Vihn on bass which will only intensify their already emotionally charged songs.

Bon Evans Band

The 5 piece band has gained recognition for their incandescent sound at Festivals, Theatres, and local venues in the Ontario region, notably the Empire Theatre Belleville, the Grand Theatre Kingston, MacKinnon Brothers Back to the Farm, and Howe Island Rockin the Rock.  Band members Bon Evans (vocals/guitar), Dave Bull (vocals/electric lead/piano), Laura Richards (saxophone), David Chesebrough (bass) and Chris Carnage(drums/percussion) perform high-energy, indie-folk music that has an indistinguishable Canadian sound captivating concert and festival goers.

Special Guests

This Year at Howe Island Rockin the Rock, we as part of our dedication to promoting Canadian Music will be seeking, selecting and presenting a “new Band”. We are offering an opportunity to an emerging act that can demonstrate their determination to become a Band. The successful candidates will write perform and promote their music with our assistance. That band will be presented as an opening act that we hope will inspire them to pursue their dreams as performing artists.

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