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**Vendor Acceptable Items Policy**


At Howe Island Rockin the Rock, we value the diversity and inclusivity of our community and strive to maintain a festival atmosphere that aligns with our vision and values. To ensure a positive experience for all attendees, the following guidelines outline acceptable items for sale by vendors at our event.


**1. Acceptable Items:**

   - Musical Merchandise: Instruments, apparel, and accessories related to music and the festival theme.

   - Artistic Creations: Handcrafted and artistic items, such as jewelry, paintings, and sculptures.

   - Festival Merchandise: Official festival merchandise approved by the organizers.

   - Eco-Friendly Products: Sustainable and environmentally conscious goods.

   - Food and Beverages: Pre-packaged food, beverages, and snacks.

   - Cultural and Local Artifacts: Items that celebrate and showcase local culture and heritage.


**2. Items Not Permitted:**

   - **2.1 Intoxicants:**

      - Marijuana, illegal drugs, or any items promoting or endorsing their use.


   - **2.2 Unlicensed Logos:**

      - Items featuring licensed logos or material without proper authorization.


   - **2.3 Political or Religious Material:**

      - Materials promoting hate, intolerance, political or religious ideologies.


   - **2.4 Garage Sale or Home Items:**

      - Second-hand or garage sale items are not permitted.


   - **2.5 Weapons:**

      - Any items designed to injure, including weapons or offensive tools.


**3. Application and Approval:**

   - Vendors must provide a general list of items intended for sale in their application.

   - The organizers reserve the right to approve or reject items based on their compatibility with the festival's vision and values.


**4. Vision Alignment:**

   - Approved items should align with the festival's vision of music, community, and positive engagement.


**5. Organizer Discretion:**

   - The organizers may exercise discretion in approving or rejecting items based on their judgment of suitability for the festival atmosphere.


**6. Compliance with Laws:**

   - Vendors are expected to comply with all local, provincial, and federal laws regarding the sale of goods and services.


**7. Festival Atmosphere:**

   - Howe Island Rockin the Rock is committed to creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. Vendors are encouraged to contribute positively to this atmosphere.


By participating as a vendor at Howe Island Rockin the Rock Music Festival, you agree to adhere to these guidelines, promoting a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive experience for all festival attendees.

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